10 Things to Do in Muskegon

A slice of heaven and minutes away from just about anything you could want. Muskegon, Michigan is an amazing place to visit, as long as you get here the right time of year according to what your heart desires. Not that our winters are worse than our summers, but it is simply a matter of preference because the snow can be just as fun as our warm sandy beaches if that is your liking. With that said, check out our top 10 things to do while here in Muskegon.

1. Michigan’s Adventure

Perhaps most well known, is our 2 parks for the price of one. Enjoy summers here by spending some time at the State’s best Amusement and Water Park, located just north of Muskegon on Whitehall Rd.

2. Beaches in Muskegon

From Pere Marquette’s free public beach, to North Muskegon’s State Park or any of the other 9 beaches in Muskegon that you are allowed to access, one can enjoy swimming, kitesurfing or sailboarding, kayaking, boating, fishing, or winding down to watch an amazing sunset. Plundge in the 75 degree Lake Michigan waters in the summer or watch the icebergs form on the big lake in the winter. Click the link above to see a map of all Muskegon beaches.

3. Go Shopping in Muskegon!

If shopping is your thing to do, then you are in luck. Muskegon has a fast developing and fairly new Mall on Harvey St called The Lakes Mall. From major anchor stores to specialty foods, find it in the mall or surrounding area. Enjoy this area year round. Many restaurants to choose from as well.

4. Port City Princess Cruise

Have the time of your life on the Port City Princess ship as it leaves port from Muskegon Lake and veers off into Lake Michigan, several times per week in the warmer months. Rain or shine, reservations will get you on this wonderful cruise with lunch, dinner, and sunset runs. Cruises usually last from 1:30 to 4 hours depending on what you choose. Check them out for their schedule and rates.

5. Muskegon Museums

Frozen in time are Muskegon’s finest moments at your choice of any of our Museums. USS Silversides offers walk-throughs or overnight stays in this preserved famous historical submarine. Also check out the Milwaukee Clipper for another marine museum or Muskegon Museum of Art if you are into the “finer” things in life. With several other museums to choose from, you won’t be disappointed in learning, sharing and appreciating our history.

6. Theaters in Muskegon

What’s your flavor? Every other town has a movie theater, but Muskegon is one of the few left in the entire Country with a Drive-In movie theater. How cool it is to drive up on a summer night with windows rolled down, crickets chirping, and the one you enjoy spending time with right next to you to enjoy the latest flick while tuning in your radio for full surround sound, or listening with the traditional window speaker.

If the Drive-In doesn’t float your boat, then choose from several other theaters for movies, or even the Frauenthal Theatre for live performances.

7. Parks and Playgrounds in Muskegon

Find a State park like PJ Hoffmaster or Muskegon State Park to go camping, hiking and swimming, or enjoy something with less rules and more playgrounds for the kids to enjoy like the one down at Pere Marquette Beach or any other of the hundreds Muskegon has to choose from. Click the link above to see a map of everything in the area.

8. Ride a Bike Trail in Muskegon

If cycling is your thing, then choose from several dedicated trails, once old rail roadways and connected to many shops and attractions along the way. One could plan an entire day or more just cycling one our miles of inter-connected trails dedicated to having safe and friendly fun for the whole family or more serious Lance Armstrong wannabe.

9. Hockey in Muskegon

Yes, Muskegon has its very own Hockey Team and has for many many years. Entertaining families since 1935 when our team was called the Muskegon Reds to the once retired and now resurrected Muskegon Lumberjacks. A winter pass-time for the whole family, it’s a great time to experience and remember in the upgraded L.C. Walker Arena.

10. Luge in Muskegon

Be the biggest luger right here in our very own town where Olympian Mark Grimmette trained and is from. Located in North Muskegon’s State Park at the Winter Sports Complex, you can come here to luge in the winter on the cold days, or even on an occasional summer day during special runs and events.

11. Other Events
Can’t find something to do here from our top 10 things to do in Muskegon? Then check out our complete Events List or Movie Showtimes.

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