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  1. Is there a time the paper is to be delivered by?
    I received my Sunday paper the last few weeks as late as noon. Yesterday (Tuesday) it came at 6:00pm.

  2. DeLynn Dewind

    Again we didn’t receive our paper and again I wiill call and report it tomorrow but I found out from my last call that you really don’t care. I would stop delivery in a heart beat but my husbands loves to read the paper. Keep up with the crappy delivery and I know he will change his mind as I did.

  3. What happened to Pride “in good work habbits”, Quality, &Honor/Trustworthy??????? R We not Teaching R Choldren / the current/Next Generation These communicating Skills (nessesities) to B honored,looked up to, trusted? Wow how. Shocking & Scarry to know that on just a 30yr time span 99.99% of R children / younger population (People) don’t have or know these words & there meanings! If teaching is to hard a (word) SHOW, lets Show them the words & their meanings! Its never to late! But it is scarry tp know if we don’t use it we can lose it! If your a person you have a duty & responsability to every young person to B an example of these possitive examples, Stop complaining & Start explaining & B examples of good charector the younger people need to see & have!

  4. I am glad to read that we are not the only ones whose paper is late. We NEVER get our Sunday paper by 8. The last 4 AM deliveries were between 10 and 2. Today is Thanksgiving and it’s 11:30 and no paper. I have called twice and the recording says I have called before the expected delivery time. Tesday paper made a big deal about calling if it’s not received by 8. I agree that they don’t care. If they did the recording would have been changed and there would be a real person to answer. This has been going on for years.

  5. Sad to say but after 40+ years of getting the chronicle never have I had such bad customer service. Called three days in a row to get no where and still not paper. I will be canceling my subscription.

  6. jeffrey morton

    CAN YOU PLEASE STOP THROWING THOSE EMC.S IN MY DRIVE WAY!? and put it in my mail box!!!!
    or give me the persons address so I can throw them back in their yard. I can get of a whole truck load of those emcs. send me an email of their address.!!!

  7. jeffrey morton

    CAN YOU PLEASE STOP THROWING THOSE EMC.S IN MY DRIVE WAY!? and put it in my mail box!!!!
    or give me the persons address so I can throw them back in their yard. I can get of a whole truck load of those emcs. send me an email of their address.!!!i

  8. Today is Thursday, April 10 and it is 7:00 p.m. still no paper!I HATE TO SEE THIS PATTERN STARTING AGAIN. In the past it was always been hit or miss whether we would receive a paper or not. Someone needs to take over hiring the carriers and only hire those who really want to take on delivery responsibilities

  9. Joseph Siwicke

    We subscribe during the summers when we are in Montague. First delivery was thrown on deck. Husband moved box to that area. Next Sunday delivery didn’t come. Called Chronicle and demanded the paper not a credit. Next week’s delivery the person delivering paper drove over my plant pots and broke two. Called Circulation but still awaiting a response. What a poor excuse for a business. I wouldn’t waste a penny on them and my husband will most likely be changing his mind too very soon.

  10. Another day without our Muskegon Chronicle, it has been a hit and miss with the delivery our paper. One day we will have a paper and the next time we won’t. I call the circulation department and all they have to say is “sorry” we will credit your account. I WOULD LIKE A PAPER !!

  11. Im stopping my subscription too, after over 40 yrs….
    Theres absolutely no reason for such poor service …shame shame shame !!!!

  12. Clint Hammerle

    Hello; I live at 1354 Creston st. I have a mail slot. I EXPECT my paper to make it to the mail slot. I do not subscribe to your paper. I DO NOT WANT YOUR CARRIER THROWING TRASH IN MY YARD. The carrier can deposit the paper (weekend ) in my mail slot, or not deliver at all. I Will call the police for littering if this happens again.

    Thank you for your time

  13. 1810 ISABELLA, MUSKEGON, 49442


  14. Donald Flowers

    I tried the newspaper on a special offer , I have called several times (more than 5) asking if the paper could be put on my front porch as I’m disabled . I even ask where is the proper place to have your paper delivered and was told wherever the customer request. Time and time again I was told district manager would get a hold of me, in three months I have never heard from him
    What they do is pull their car on the side of my road and throw the paper from the car and wherever it lands is where you get it. I will not be renewing the newspaper , as I have to wait until somebody visits me to get my paper out of the front yard . I went as far as to ask what do you have against people that have a disability.
    Why would I want to renew my subscription , I would love an answer from the newspaper. But I hardly doubt that’ll be answered , just like the district manager has never called me to find out what my complainants is or how they can resolve it, it’s like they don’t care.
    After reading these comments, I see I’m not alone !

  15. Don’t have any idea when the paper will be delivered. To add to the frustration the guy just wings the paper from outside our gate. If he hits our porch, fine,if he doesn’t, also fine. Tired of getting paper when it’s convenient for him and then having to look for it. Next step is to cancel

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