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  1. 8/13/2015 – Special anniversary with 7 friends. This turned to be the worst dinnr experience ever in the Muskegon area. Wife ordee their famous perch(??) sandwich – came with a piece of blue plastic in salad + bun burned black + fish was over done & dried + fries burned to a crisp. Returned – fish was still dry and old. (appears to be frozen & thawed to many tmes. The fries were ok. Mine was prime rib dip, the meat was from the ends dried out with no favor. wife passed on dner. #3 had prime rib – ordere med rare, came very well done. (took it home for the dog) 4 had lazana – came burned on top & dry. 5,6&7 had pizza wich thy enjoyed. Bad very bad nite.

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