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  1. This shop does not do what it says, I paid alot of money to have rust removed from my car and supposively “rubbarized” undercoat to deter it from coming back. It has been 5mos, and the rust is back in full force, so now I have to take it back to a shop and pay the same amount of money again to get it fixed right. Do yourself a favor and take your car elsewhere!!!

  2. No wait service. So rasonable in prices, nothing compares elsewhere. Will do repairs where as another place requires the entire replacement of the part in question. We are so pleased they are a company that relizes what its like to have a family and bills too. I seems like when it rains it pours: my muffler, the kids car,then my husbands truck ugh all in a few days of each other, all totaled cost less than one of the repairs somewhere else!!! We are sold! Thanks guys keep up the good work!!!

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